The founding fathers of The Peter Manschot fund

The ‘Peter Manschot’ fund was named after the first Dutch trainer of the FM-training in Moi University. He died IN 2005 a few months after teaching the 1st group of FPs in Moi-University.
In 2011 we also lost his colleague Arnout Chavannes also teacher in Eldoret.
In oktober 2016 Prof. H. Crebolder left the fund He died in 2019 and has contributed greatly.  Leny Manschot married to Peter Manschot left as treasurer in 2017.

Adam Lagro was secretary from 2017 – 2022. He has done a lot of fundraising and was a great team mate. His health forced him to resign and he died in 2022.

The Peter Manschot fund board 

Fons Mathot, FP np & FP-trainer

Chairman of the PM-fund.

FP-trainer Utrecht, FM-faculty in Eldoret
from 10-2005 till 4-2006
Hospice director
Trainer specialised in Palliative care. 

Pieter v. d. Hombergh PhD FP np

Vice Chair & Secretary

Vice chair Support group for FM in LMICs
Board member of WHIG.
SB member of the Medical Committee Netherlands Vietnam (MCNV) 

Prof. GeertJan Dinant

Emeritus Prof in Family Medicine
University of Maastricht

Wim Heres, FP

Family Practitioner in Helmond
Chairman of SANO

FP-trainer, advisor,

Maaike Flinkenflögel MPH


Consultant at KIT (Royal. Inst. for Tropical Medicine & IH.)

Barbara Swarthout

Family Practitioner in Amsterdam

Worked 7 years as FP in Malawi and was Faculty of the Malawian FM-training.

Mieke Visser

Professor of University of Kigali