Gift by the heirs of Jacobus Bakkers

We want to thank (the heirs of) Jacobus Bakkers, who suddenly died in 2020. Jacobus worked from 1976 -1981 in Kilgoris Kenya as a tropical doctor. As a radiologist he went on many mission to teach and improve the radiology in Africa.
The heirs honoured his life long commitment to provide care to people in Africa by granting the yield of the auction of his artistic creations (sculptures, pictures, paintings, etc.) to the Peter Manschot Fund. We also thank the Zelhem gallery for organising the exhibition of his work and the sale of his artefacts.
Jacobus believed very much in training physicians with comparable skills as the tropical doctors in the past. This gift is very welcome to enable us to continue our projects in Africa. We consider it an honour to spend the money in the spirit of the late Peter Manschot to boost training of young physicians in the principles of Family Medicine.

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